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What is SAPScript Address function ADDRESS_INTO_PRINT?

What is SAPScript Address function ADDRESS_INTO_PRINT? We have spent numerous hours trying to determine how or...

if the PO Box city is used in this function. We finally found an OSS note identifying parameter "CITY" to be used to correct our problem.

The question is: Where is the documentation listing all available parameters and their use? It certainly is not in the function doc, or any manuals I've seen?

I can understand your frustration.

ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM is a complex function module which takes many variables into account when generating printed addresses, including international postal guidelines. Determining why a particular address prints the way it does – or how to change it -- can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, there are a few places to go for guidance. These include:

1) The documentation within the function module itself. Go into the Function Builder (transaction SE37), type in ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM, and then choose Documentation (via the F9 key).

2) Two areas within the SAP help portal. Visit http://help.sap.com:

a. Navigate to section BC-SRV-SCR (Basis Services -> SAPscript) and click on the subsection entitled "Style and Form Maintenance". Drill down further into "SAPscript Control Commands" and choose "Formatting Addresses: ADDRESS".

b. Navigate to section BC-SRV-ADR (Basis Services -> Central Address Management) and click on the subsection entitled "Print Formatting for Addresses".

3) The composite SAP Note on formatting and printing addresses. Visit the SAP Service Marketplace at http://service.sap.com/notes and run a search on Note Number 35931. I would recommend that you go through the above options in the sequence shown. See if you find the answers which you seek there. If you are still stuck, go straight to the source....code, that is. Scan through the function module's source code, where you will find various comments sprinkled throughout. This is best done in ABAP debugging mode during address printout by or with an experienced programmer, so that only relevant comments are found. Perhaps you will find the answers within. Along the way, you will also gain a healthy respect for those responsible for developing and maintaining the underlying code.

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