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What integration product can best handle data extraction from SAP R/3?

This reader is looking for an integration product which allows him to set up a data extraction infrastructure from SAP R/3 server. Get his specs and Axel's reply here.

I am looking for an integration product which allows me to set up a data extraction infrastructure from SAP R/3 server. My requirements are:
  • Quick development, no ABAP coding.
  • Build a large library of document types in a short time.
  • The data should be exported in the form of hierarchical, self contained and friendly XML documents.
  • Ability to fill the documents with data from existing tables, and user defined tables and views.
  • Ability to pull documents on demand (by ID)
  • Ability to subscribe for a certain document type, and recieve the data each time a document of that type is created or changed.
What is your recommendation?
This is a classical SOA scenario. Basically, any middleware or data warehouse -- BW, COGNOS, SAS, Orenburg and many many more -- product will offer you a wide range and subset of the features you require. No ABAP coding, however, is an illusion. Although you can theoretically read all data from R/3 using RFC function calls, it is normally wiser to implement at least some proxy agents to furnish the structures with pre-selected data. In addition, if you want to subscribe to events, then you need to implement a workflow trigger to initiate the document pushing. This typically requires some, but easy, coding in ABAP. For more, we need to discuss the requirements in much more details to make a proper product evaluation.

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