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What impact will SAP NetWeaver have on new SAP training?

Learn Jon Reed's opinion on the impact will SAP NetWeaver have on new SAP training.

What are your thoughts on the impact that the new platform (SAP NetWeaver) is having or will have on the training and development industry? I'm interested because I am interviewing for a training and development position and am scheduled to do a presentation on the very topic. I've been researching and have not found much information -- I am hoping that you can assist me. Any help would be appreciated.
NetWeaver obviously "moves the goal posts" when it comes to SAP training because you're talking about a new technical architecture that affects not only technical consultants but functional SAP consultants also. As companies upgrade to NetWeaver, they'll need to turn to outside trainers because their in-house people won't have the skills to conduct such training -- even if they have deep SAP backgrounds. One reason you may have trouble finding much on NetWeaver training is that the field is so new. I suspect most folks who train in NetWeaver will be sent to the SAP Academy. I do expect NetWeaver to boost the demand for SAP training, but I can't say how that would affect your work or your proposal without knowing more about your background. SAPtips does custom training in this area so you may want to be in contact with them.

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