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What happens when the wrong client is used during BW 3.5 installation?

This user didn't change clients during a BW 3.5 insallation. What should happen now?

I am currently installing SAP BW 3.50 on an AIX 5.3 server. I completed the ABAP+Java plugin install and the BW UDI Java components installation. The installation was finished when I noticed the problem.

During the installation, SAPINST prompts for the password to DDIC in Client 000, so I supplied it and the install finished. What I feel I should have done was change the client to the productive client and not client 000. Can the installation simply be rerun specifying the productive client? I have to resolve this issue before I start applying support stack 14, and I'm sure OSS will respond to the message I raised. Any idea's or suggestions on corrective actions to rectify the problem would be greatly appreciated.

Don't worry! SAPINST always configures the system from within client 000. SAPINST configurations are client independent and should be of no concern.

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