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What functionality does SAP GUI 620 have that 46D does not have?

We are running SAP R/3 (4.6C) with over 20,000 users, using SAPGUI 46D. We are planning to upgrade to the 620 GUI. What are the benefits thereof? What functionality does SAPGUI 620 have that 46D does not have? Our users are running WinXP, Win200 and a few are on Win95.
SAPGUI 6.20 is not only backwards compatible, but it's also the first SAPGUI to be upwards compatible as you can connect to SAP Web AS 6.30 or 6.40 with it. Notice that SAPGUI 4.6D support ends on March 31, 2006 and SAPGUI 6.20 lasts until end of the maintenance of R/3 Enterprise. SAPGUI 6.20 comes also with components to connect to newer releases of BW, CRM, etc. Depending on your deployment strategy and schedule, you might want to consider upgrading to SAPGUI 6.40 instead. The only issue for you would be that SAPGUI 6.40 does not install on Win 9x, ME or NT computers. If you upgrade to SAPGUI 6.20 make sure you install the latest compilation (6) and the latest patches for it.

See this SAP Note 710720 (SAP GUI for Windows 6.40: Delivery and new functions) if you have access to SAPNet R/3 FrontEnd (OSS).

By the way, you need SAPGUI 6.20 to connect to OSS.

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