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What does the future hold in the SAP SRM job market?

Hi Jon,

What's your take on SRM? It seems to be picking up but there don't seem to be too many jobs out there. I am looking...

to break into SAP SRM. With not too many jobs in the market, is it a wise decision to jump now or later?

CRM, on the other hand, seems to be hot again. When will SRM catch up with its market?

Well, I like the outlook for SRM, but you are right, there aren't that many SRM jobs out there. It surprises me to see that there aren't even that many EBP jobs out there, and EBP is the most mature product in the SRM product line. If you compare CRM and SRM, there's really no contest: SAP CRM is having a much better year and there's a lot more need for a variety of CRM consulting roles. So, picking just on the basis of "what's hot," CRM seems like a better choice.

But if you've read my previous columns, you know that I am opposed to chasing the hottest areas of SAP. And I don't really understand the arbitrary comparison between CRM and SRM. There are many different options in SAP beyond those two areas. It is not clear to me how you have narrowed it down to those two. My recommended approach for moving ahead in SAP is to look first at your core skills, and then match up your skills with the hottest area of SAP that directly relates to your core skill set. I'm not in a position to make that assessment for you as I don't know enough about your background. It seems like you are pretty good at analyzing which areas of SAP are hot, but now you need to take some time to figure out how your skills "map" into these areas. If you have a background in the SD area, it might be that CRM is perfect for you.

This was last published in September 2005

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