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What does SAP's improved relationship with Microsoft mean for development?

In NetWeaver, is VB.NET or C# going to be fully supported for SAP applications? I know Java is. Should I also learn .NET, besides Java?
SAP's ongoing relationship with Microsoft was significantly strengthened by the announcement at the January Sapphire in Copenhagen that SAP and Microsoft had co-developed a portal development kit that would allow Visual Studio developers to use either C# or Visual Basic .NET for portal-based development in NetWeaver. This is the first of what I expect will be many announcements that will increasingly bring the Microsoft development community closer to NetWeaver and SAP's Composite Application Framework strategy.

It's therefore pretty safe to say that either Java or .NET will be excellent platforms for future NetWeaver-based development. If you know both, you'll be twice as employable. But either one will afford you lots of opportunity in the NetWeaver market.

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