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What does SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence offer?

SAP's Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence 15.0 gives users the power to create dashboards for real-time analytics through the Self-Service Composition Environment.

Prior to SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence 15.0, manufacturing personnel using MII who needed a new...

dashboard or needed to update an existing one had to engage a technical team to do the required coding. User friendly it was not, and accessing analytics was a time-consuming process that created a lag in getting insight. Version 15.0 is meant to make it easier to connect the shop floor and business operations. Through the Self-Service Composition Environment functionality in the Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence system, business users have the ability to create dashboards for real-time manufacturing analytics. In turn they can gain meaningful insight into the production's key performance indicators, or KPIs, and can more quickly make decisions about process improvements.

MII's Self-Service Composition Environment uses a next-generation user-interface platform known as SAPUI5 that gives business users drag-and-drop functionality to create dashboards. Not only can users access real-time streaming data from multiple data sources for analytics, but they also have the flexibility to manipulate data. Users can upload images of plant machinery and process flows that enable them to view streaming real-time data. They can then tag specific input or output points for detailed data monitoring and evaluation. Users can also access and refer to data from the core SAP ERP system that can then be used for analyses. Apart from analytic capabilities, MII enables planners to set up user-defined alerts whenever any KPI exceeds the predefined limits.

As with other dashboards, SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence offers data visualization in the form of charts and graphs. Not only can business users create dashboards using their standard desktop or laptop browser, they can also create them on mobile browsers using their tablet or mobile phone.

On a related note, production and maintenance planners may want to research Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Management, a product meant to enable continuous improvement. OEE Management, which is installed on the local MII plant system, enables planners to evaluate equipment performance by measuring the quality of goods produced with the equipment's historical or current downtime details.

Companies will need to ensure that their Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence system is upgraded to at least MII 15.0 to take advantage of real-time analytics capabilities that Self-Service Composition Environment provides.

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