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What does SAP Integrated Business Planning offer?

SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations is meant to help companies react more quickly to changes in demand and get better insight into their supply chain.

A range of departments -- from sales, logistics, production, procurement, inventory and finance -- may benefit...

from SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations. Running on HANA, SAP's S&OP application is meant to (among other things) foster stakeholder unity. IBP for sales and operations takes advantage of the in-memory processing capabilities of SAP HANA to provide an organization with end-to-end visibility of various business scenarios by providing unified modeling of demand, supply chain, and finance data that can help departments come to mutually acceptable planning figures much more quickly.

Companies often conduct a periodic review of their supply, demand, presales and supply chain situations with the objective of identifying issues and bottlenecks that have the potential to interfere with business targets. With SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations on HANA, it is now possible to ensure more frequent reviews and comparisons of planning figures and actual figures, enabling faster and more focused responses to ongoing challenges. So, for example, a company that was doing monthly reviews could now do those reviews on a weekly basis. Moreover, given the fast data processing capability of SAP HANA, it's possible to simulate various real-time business data and what-if scenarios while taking the input and feedback of various stakeholders into account. This collaborative approach to S&OP is intended to help companies move closer to achieving their volume, value and profitability business targets.

SAP IBP for sales and operations uses the familiar Microsoft Excel-based layout and Web-user interface, or UI, making it convenient and user friendly. Moreover, it enables business users to not only self-define key performance indicators, but also to set up targeted alerts that then monitor deviations. The S&OP application also offers actionable analytics in the form of user-defined dashboards and provides real-time data streaming by using cheaper sensor and Internet of Things technology.

Deploying SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations enables companies to closely monitor their supply situation of critical components that are used in production processes and quickly run real-time simulations on how any delays or incomplete deliveries of such components would affect the supply chain.

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