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What does S/4HANA Enterprise Management offer?

SAP's S/4HANA Enterprise Application offers a targeted supply chain product that includes innovative inventory management with analytical and transactional apps and factsheets.

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management offers user-friendly inventory management through its supply chain component....

Users can take advantage of analytical apps, transactional apps and factsheets, to name three features.

The sheer level of simplicity that SAP has embarked on in its drive to offer user-friendly and speedy business products can be gauged from the fact that the database tables required to maintain inventory management information has been reduced from 24 to just one. Not only has this resulted in faster business processes, but it also offers reliable, real-time analytics. The S/4HANA Enterprise Management supply chain inventory management component has already enabled uninterrupted business functions by preventing posting lock during transactional posting. In the past, the system ended up triggering transactions' posting locks when too many users were working on the same material or on information about same customers. This is now no longer the case in this component.

To date, SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management supply chain inventory management component offers 15 HTML GUIs in the areas of physical inventory and in the business process of the month-end closing in inventory management. SAP intends to offer additional GUIs over time.

The following are three areas reflecting the innovations in the supply chain product's inventory management component as part of S/4HANA Enterprise Management:

  • Analytical apps cover the material document overviews and stock overviews. The material document overview is the list of all material movements such as goods receipt, goods issue, and transfer posting from one store to another. Business users can utilize flexible display to view the information in the self-defined layout. Aggregation and disaggregation of stock quantities and values are also possible. The stock overview presents the most up-to-date information on material stock that is placed in quality inspection, is blocked for usage or is in transit between plants.
  • Transactional apps enable business users to record business transactions in inventory management, including posting goods receipts for purchase orders and transferring material stock from one plant or one storage location to another.
  • Factsheets for material, goods issue and goods receipt. A factsheet contains detailed information about the documents that the system posts while conducting business transactions. Factsheets also have intuitive capabilities to navigate to follow-on documents. For example, with business transactions such as goods issue or goods receipt, the system not only posts the material document, but also the financial document that the user can navigate to.

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