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What are the risks of a delayed SAP HCM implementation?

A SearchSAP.com reader is looking at implementing SAP Human Capital Management (HCM), and wants to understand the risks of delaying an SAP HCM implementation.

We are in the midst of implementing the full SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) suite. So far, two dates for the go-live have been postponed. Now there are new policies, and this is being looked at to be implemented next year. What are the biggest risks that could arise during an SAP HCM implementation?
"Now there are new policies" implies that some business reengineering may have occurred. If this is the first time this has been taken on since the first start of your project, this may be a positive step, albeit later in the project.

Business buy-in is not just helpful -- it is difficult, if not impossible, to have a successful project without it. The business needs to understand the benefit of the new system to participate. It is imperative to understand and document the requirements. That is a complete and valid blueprint.


There is a very real possibility that there may be scope creep. Additional functionality may be included or encouraged, due to reengineering. Is this necessary and beneficial? The project management needs to make that decision, as well as to what extent each can flex, in terms of functionality and resources. What can be Phase II, for example? And what cost overrun or additional time delay may be acceptable to meet the reengineered process?

The bottom line is to remove the barriers to success. Have one vision, agreed upon by functional and technical sides of the project. Set realistic goals and timelines.

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