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What are the biggest CRM-CIC implementation challenges?

We are currently implementing a CRM package with CIC (customer interaction centre) with an existing standard Call Centre adapter compatible with mySAP. The adapter works fine with CIC component so far.

I'd be very glad to hear your experience in these matters, mainly what problems have you've encountered when implementing the CRM-CIC part and how you approached it. What were your biggest challenges?
Customer Interaction Center integration may work fine with all compatible adapters. However, each adapter needs adjustment of settings and customization if you plan to use lot of CTI features. For instance, there could be issues with regard to the appearance of CTI buttons on the agent framework and their usability. The level of automation expected from the CTI integration is another challenge.
Overall, the biggest challenge is usability. Configuration of the agent framework to meet the role-based view of the call center is the biggest challenge.

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