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What are the benefits of migrating to NetWeaver?

Learn Joshua Greenbaum's opinion on migrating skills to the NetWeaver platform. He advises one developer considering the switch.

What are the benefits for a developer migrating to the NetWeaver platform? Also, how is Web DynPro different from existing Microsoft Web solutions, like ASP or the Java platform?
Web DynPro is designed to be used by both Java and ABAP programmers, a combination that probably gives Bill Gates the heebie-jeebies. The basic idea is that Web Dynpro lets SAP programmers build interfaces and workflows based on either new Java skills or existing ABAP skills, without having to learn yet another (Microsoft) environment.

In general, "migrating" your skills to NetWeaver would be a career path into the 30,000-plus SAP users and the 1200-plus ISVs, SIs, and other SAP partners that are part of the NetWeaver ecosystem. There is no larger enterprise software user base available, outside of the Oracle database and IBM DB2 communities (which overlap considerably with SAP). So if steady employment is the goal, it's a very good idea.

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