What are infotype attributes?

What are infotype attributes? Read a brief explanation with examples.

What are infotype attributes? Please provide a brief explanation with examples.
Infotype attributes control the behavior of infotypes. You can configure the attributes in V_T582A.

Among others, you can configure the following attributes:

  1. Time contraint - to control if overlapping of infotype records is allowed
  2. Subtype obligatory - to control if it is mandatory to enter subtype on transaction PA30 screen
  3. Text allowed - to allow maintenance of free-text for the infotype (path: Edit > 'maintain text' when you are in 'Change/Create' mode of that infotype record)
  4. Copy infotype - to transfer information of existing records from old PERNR to new PERNR when you re-hire employees using a new PERNR
  5. Select with/ without dates - to determine which records should be selected and displayed based on dates entered on transaction PA30 screen and other standard data selection screens
  6. Create without dates - to determine the default selection/creation dates when none is entered on transaction PA30 screen
  7. Retroactive trigger - to determine whether back-dated changes to the infotype will cause of retroactive calculation in time evaluation and payroll run
  8. Technical screen - to control the screen for the infotype in single display or overview display mode

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