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What are ABAP dumps and SAP dialog instances?

Expert Farooq Ali explains what an ABAP dump is and what SAP dialog instances are.

Can you explain what ABAP dumps and dialog instances are?

An error in an ABAP program that is running in the background generally causes an immediate termination of the background job. A background job is terminated, if, for example, the program does not correct the error or a division by zero takes place. If an ABAP program terminates, an ABAP dump is usually generated. This dump contains a description of the precise cause of the error.

Now for a dialog instance. If you want to distribute a system landscape across multiple servers, you require a central instance on a server and, on every other server, a dialog instance with a dispatcher and server in which you can then create additional server processes. Dialog instances are installed on application servers. The dialog instances of a Java system are called Java dialog instances.

Dialog instances are SAP instances that include only:

  • Dispatcher, IGS and CCMS agents
  • Java and Java Add-In system: Java server processes
  • ABAP and Java Add-In system: Gateway and certain ABAP work processes (dialog, batch, spool, or update)

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