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What SAP software training steps do companies overlook?

SAP software training should be a priority. One expert explains how companies often get it wrong -- and what they can do to get it right.

Few companies offer ongoing, sustainable SAP software training, even though many realize that it's important. Comprehensive SAP software training is critical to ensure a successful implementation. Business users who don't receive comprehensive SAP software training make incorrect or incomplete entries, which often require data entry reversals or extra time for data error correction.

All too often, the problem stems from giving short shrift to an important component in the SAP software training curriculum, which shortchanges business users and leaves them without a thorough education. Here are the most common mistakes and why each area is critical for a training program:

Foregoing training needs assessment. Companies must determine the specific SAP software training needs for business users. This helps companies plan for and offer targeted training that benefit business users the most. Refresher courses also help sharpen SAP skills.

Insufficient training budget. Companies must set aside a sufficient budget for SAP training. They must plan to use specialized SAP training centers, which are often cost-effective and have a large pool of SAP expert trainers on their rosters. Companies also can implement ways to use trained SAP resources to further transfer knowledge (this is known as the train-the-trainer approach).

Offering generic SAP training. Although it may require more time, investment and cost, having training material available that is specific to the role or business function a specific business user will perform is well worth the effort and cost.

Failing to offer remote training. On-site and instructor-led SAP software training is expensive and causes business users to spend more time away from their work. Fortunately, virtual, online and remote training options are a reality. These training options are not only inexpensive and self-paced, but they also enable business users to repeat the same training many times over.

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