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What SAP Solution Manager tools enable a full test scenario?

Cost, ease-of-use, user familiarity and reporting needs are some of the deciding factors a company can use when choosing SAP Solution Manager tools for Business Suite on SAP HANA.

SAP Solution Manager tools are a critical key to unlocking implementation success. This is true whether you're deploying a new SAP component in SAP ERP Central Component or undertaking a Business Suite on SAP HANA migration project. Indeed, the need for comprehensive testing cannot be overemphasized.

SAP Solution Manager is a comprehensive component to guide and control every aspect of a new system's deployment or migration, including building, defining, documenting and testing to validate the technical and functional aspects of deployed solutions. SAP delivers Solution Manager as an integral part of the software, and in turn, the user company's SAP landscape. And while SAP Solution Manager Test Workbench meets most of the testing needs of a company, two other third-party testing tools are also available for SAP customers to consider, albeit at an additional cost. Here's a look at what each can do.

SAP Solution Manager Test Workbench

SAP Solution Manager Test Workbench can automatically create a test plan that then forms the basis for testing. A test plan details transactions, programs, interfaces, and any manual or automatic steps the business users will perform in the live SAP system. These must be tested to ensure the expected results match with the actual results. A test plan is also a reflection of working in an integrated environment, where people, processes and various departments of the company work in complete cohesion by defining which processes will be tested, by whom and the method -- whether automatic or manual. The test plan in Test Workbench tool is then used to track and monitor the progress of the test plan, including whether results there were found to be acceptable, had defects or weren't tested yet. Companies are given SAP Solution Manager Test Workbench as part of an SAP installation, so there are no charges to use it.

HPE Application Lifecycle Management

One of the Solution Manager tools available to you is Hewlett Packard Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management. ALM requires integration with SAP Solution Manager via a licensed SAP Adapter. This testing option works best for companies already using HPE ALM for their SAP or non-SAP testing, and thus saves time and effort that would be required to train business users to use a new testing tool.

IBM Rational

Just like the HPE ALM, IBM Rational requires integration with SAP Solution Manager. It is possible to directly procure the software required to integrate IBM Rational with SAP Solution Manager. SAP also provides SAP Note 1559619 to explain their integration. The company's SAP Netweaver consultant also needs to activate IBM Rational integration with SAP Solution Manager. The adapter for IBM Rational provides an end-to-end process interface -- from requirements documentation, testing, defect resolution and test plan reporting by constantly transferring the test data between SAP Solution Manager and IBM Rational. 

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