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Web-enabled transactions

I am trying to web-enable a custom-designed transaction that has a main entry screen which allows the user to enter a company code and a business entity. After entering that information, the user can click on a create button which leads to a screen with 5 tabs.

When I web-enable this transaction using the latest versions of Web Studio and ITS, I get the page for entering the company code and business entity, but when I click on Create, I get an error message in my browser telling me I'm using an invalid frame name ("This error message indicates that you have used a wrong frame name in your HTML template.")

I used the service wizard and template wizard for this project pointing to the transaction, program and screens developed in R/3.

How do I set the correct frame names? Where do I find the frame names in the ABAP program?

According to SAPNet (OSS note 377260), you need to check that the variable ~FrameName is set in your document. If you are working with Microsoft Internet Explorer you need to specify frame targets explicitely. You have to make sure that the frame names you specifiy are correct.

Look through all occurences of frames in your application and check the assignments to the frame variable.

This error can also occur if you version or patch level on ITS is too low.

You need to install ITS 46dc2 patchlevel 36, or ITS 46dc3 patchlevel 90, or ITS 46dc4.

As you created you application using the wizards, I'd suspect that your problem is likely to be caused by the ITS version/patch level.

If not, then it's entirely possible you've stumbled across a bug. In which case, you should log this with OSS.

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