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Web application template printing enhancements in SAP BW reporting

Enhance SAP BW report printing for Web application templates by using the advice in this expert response by Peter Scott.

I would like to enhance the printing output from the Web application templates. Currently, we use Microsoft Explorer to display and print the data. My employer would like to have the functionality of placing headers and footers, and possibly, printing in landscape and portrait. How can I achieve all of the above?
The answer depends on which version of BW you are currently using. I'm assuming based on the nature of your message that you are likely on a 3.x platform.

There is a print help service that can be added to your system to enhance the capabilities of Web-based printing. It allows you to do things such as enter headers and footers and set the number of data rows per page. It requires BW 3.1 content SP4 as a pre-requisite and a transport is necessary to install the help service.

You should be able to find documentation on the print help service through the SAP developers network (SDN). Newer versions such as NetWeaver 2004 (BW 3.5) and NetWeaver 2004s have more options available to you 'out of the box'.

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