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Web Dynpro or BSP for my SAP career?

Whether to choose between Web Dynpro or BSP in pursuing your SAP career.

I am in a dilemma. Should I go with Web Dynpro or BSP? I've gotten to know that Web Dynpro will be gone in the next three years and the next big thing will be the SAP Composite Application Framework, for which BSP is the base. It would be great if you could clear this up and help me in the next direction of my career.
BSP is the underlying framework for any Web development on top of the SAP ABAP engine, including Web Dynpro/ABAP, which is a metalayer on top of BSP. The SAP CAF is simply a harmonization of the xAPP development activities into a single composite framework. But CAF is for xAPP development, not for Web front-end design, so it tackles a completely different target; Web Dynpro/Java will remain an essential component or the Component Architecture Framework. Regarding the statement: "I've gotten to know that Web Dynpro will be gone in the next three years": Complete nonsense. Web Dynpro for ABAP certainly has a future, but there is no either/or between BSP and Web Dynpro. You have to know both perfectly to be a star in this area.

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