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Web Dynpro Java resources, or .NET PDK?

A reader is planning a corporate SAP strategy, but does Web Dynpro make the most sense for new Web development interfaces, or is .NET a better choice?

I am working on a three-year strategy for our SAP, BI portals and web development activities. We currently have a large team of ABAP programmers and we do most of our Web development using .NET. We are just starting to look at the NetWeaver 2004 and 200S. I have the following questions.

For new Web development that interfaces with SAP, BI and EP, should we invest in Web Dynpro Java resources or can we use the .NET PDK? Also, when is it appropriate to use the Web Dynpro for ABAP?

For the SAP R/3 and BI, as these are ABAP systems, it makes sense to use Web Dynpro for ABAP. EP is Java based, so for that I'd use Web Dynpro for Java. However, you've indicated that you haven't got Java resources. That being the case, using the .NET PDK is a way forward, especially if you need to some applications rather quickly. But your strategy should be to invest in Web Dynpro for Java.

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