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Weaknesses of SAP HR

I'd like to know if there are any major disadvantages/weaknesses in the SAP HR module? This is quite a loaded question in my position but I will still give you my honest opinion. In the areas of PA (including Benefits), Time and Payroll I truly believe that SAP is the best ERP system on the market. I have some minor qualms with OM, Training, Compensation Management and Recruiting but I still believe they hold up very well against anything PeopleSoft has produced. I do not have enough firsthand knowledge of Oracle to compare it to SAP. It would be foolish of me to say that SAP is the best at every single aspect of HR business because I most certainly haven't tried everything and even if I had I might not be able to remember all of it by the time I got done. In addition, I would most likely be wrong to make that statement because it is virtually impossible for it to be true. However, as a package, there is no other system I would recommend. In my view, SAP does not have any disadvantages compared to other systems of the same scope. This is why SAP remains the market leader while challengers come and go. People know they can count on it. All of that doesn't matter though, because SAP still needs to be the right fit for your organization. If it is not then, you will never see the ROI you need to make it worthwhile. This would be the same no matter what system I was referring to when answering this question.

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