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We need help to restore our sandbox

I know the discussion post below is almost two years old, but it has definitely caught my attention. We have had the normal PRD/QAT/DEV systems for some time. Now we will have a sandbox.

The user who wrote in replying to the forum below, Chris, describes restoring the PRD database to the TST system -- in my case this would be the sandbox. We are looking for a faster way to create/refresh this sandbox and also to then use it to refresh our DEV and QAT clients. Can I use the PROD backup to restore the sandbox?

Original post:

Hi All
We are required to build a TEST system from our current production. We can achieve this through homogeneous system copy and successfully change the SID on the target computer.

Our other requirement is to change the client number on the target box. Does anyone know of any procedures that will allow me to change the client number from say 222 to 333 on the target box? R/3 4.6C/D, Oracle, Win2K.

Reply post:

Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 08:40:52 -0500
Subject: RE: [SAPFAQ-BASIS]: Change client number during system copy

We always just do a local client copy (SCCL) after restoring the PRD database to the TST system.

There are no tools to change the client number. The only option is to do a local client copy and client delete. A client copy always takes time -- in most cases, a system copy using backup/restore is much faster. The reason behind this is that during the client copy data needs to be copied inside the same tables and during the client delete, again deleted. This is the reason why frequent client copies result in fragmented tables.

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