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We need help figuring out our SAP license

I have been asked to inventory existing CDs for our SAP license and compare it to what is available that we don't have. I am utterly frustrated! I would like to be able to check all CD product numbers in house and identify whether we truly need to download additional apps. We currently have mySAP R/3, CRM, and SCM in a test environment. We would like to know if our license truly allows us to install some of the other components, but we haven't been able to get direct answers from our SAP sales department. I have checked the http://service.SAP.Com/SWDC* site. But it doesn't give me the product numbers of the specific CDs to compare with what I have.

I realize that if I want to implement, let's say, a SCM implementation, that I should work with SAP and let them tell me. But our contract is very confusing and I don't trust any answers I get. For example, when we told SAP that we were going to implement APO, they first said we don't have a license for it and will have to purchase it, and then later they say maybe we do have it in our contract. Your thoughts?

There are a couple of approaches here. You could look up http://service.sap.com* with your SAP-provided OSS ID and it should tell you what you have license for and what you don't. All the SAP CDs come with label.asc file that is notepad readable. That should tell you the CD number as well as a description of what it contains.

Also, please consult your Basis consultant, he should have some insight into organizing that information.

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