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Warning - Don't follow the SAP money

SAP salaries are one of the things that makes the career field so attractive, but, as Jon Reed advices, money isn't everything. Be great at your SAP skill, and the money will follow.

Nowadays, maintenance planners are earning more than SAP consultants. A planner can earn up to $150K easily by working for contracts. I am a PM consultant but even the big companies won't offer more than $100K. I feel a planner job is better -- cooler -- compared to a consultant. What are your comments?
I argue that people should choose careers based on their professional passion and not as much on the paycheck. The best people in any field make more than the mediocre in other fields, even if their particular field pays less.

Your analysis may be correct, at least in your area, but the bottom line is the PM consulting and Maintenance Planning both pay very well compared to the average job the average person is working these days. For that reason, I would put pay aside and ask yourself what you enjoy. Since you feel planning is "cool," it sounds like you would enjoy that more. I'd head in that direction.

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