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Verifying data consistency in production SAP FI/CO system when restoring a backup

After writing an ABAP tool to reconcile between production and reference systems, an administrator restoring a backup of a FICO system wants to verify that the backup is successful.

During a recent change freeze, and after a full offline backup, I am restoring a backup of my current production FICO system onto another server to act as a system reference. I'll do this before making major changes to my live production system.

How do I prove to my colleagues that the restored (reference) copy of the FICO system is a true and accurate copy of actual production before I make the changes to my production system? In other words, how do I prove that the backup is good, and the restored system and business data in both systems is identical?

I have written an ABAP tool to reconcile between my production and reference systems, as well as between all companies and FICO ledgers over an eight-year period. The current signoff is that if they both come out the same after reconciliation then this is good proof that they are identical.

Your procedure is correct. Running business reports before and after the migration, in the source and target systems, is the only way to verify data consistency. There is no need to say that the results should be the same in both systems.

You should, however, consult with your business users. I have several customers who run a set of reports to verify data consistency. These reports take about 30 minutes, as they verify a specific set of data. It makes no sense to verify eight years of business data.

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