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V_GLFLEXT tables and DataStage

Getting information into DataStage may have to come from your own BAPI handiwork. Check out why in this expert response from Matt Billingham.

I am trying to get a list of document items from the GeneralLedger BAPI component by calling the GetDocumentItems() method (BAPI_GLX_GETDOCITEMS).

I put in a value for the ledger (L0), company code, fiscal year, docnofrom and I got this error: "Ledger L0 does not have a GLFLEXT summary table".

Is there a way to define this table? What do I need to do to get those items through a BAPI call?

I am calling this method in order to identify some expenses in the G/L postings and I need a RFC-enabled BAPI call to be able to call this from DataStage.

It is a requirement of this BAPI that the summary table for the specified ledger is V_GLFLEXT.

It seems that you'll have to write your own BAPI to get this information to DataStage.

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