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Using user exits to copy objects

Learn how user exits are the best answer when copying objects like 'ros_pre into zros_pre' in SAP with expert Matt Billingham.

I am an SAP ABAPer experienced in R/3 and currently involved in SRM project. How do I make a copy of an entire "Package" -- as in SE80 -- including all objects under it? I would like to copy 'ros_pre into zros_pre' and make the corresponding changes required in the implementation, but I can't find the usual "copy icon/button" typical in SE38/SE71 or from right click (context menu) or from the menu path itself.
You have to copy each object individually. My experience, however, is that 99% of the time you can achieve what you need through user exits. And, when you can't, 99% of the time it is better to modify the SAP standard, rather than copy everything. At your own risk, of course.

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