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Using the IDoc file interface to read and write an IDoc from a directory

In order to use the IDoc file interface to read and write an IDoc from a directory, I already have configured the...

port (WE21) with: * physical directory (internal SAP) * inbound file

My question is, which function module do I have to choose at this screen or I should leave this option blank? I read that EDI_PATH_CREATE_CLIENT_DOCNUM was the best option, but I'm not sure.

Besides the file must be in any kind of file in particular (for example txt) or not.

The function module simply determines how the file name is created. You can create the filename from the DOCNUM (as above) or create it from the actual time stamp or give it a constant value. That is your proper decision which fits best in your application. The resulting file will always contain plain ASCII text with fixed record length. The file suffix (extension) depends on the requirement of your operating system. E.g. for Windows the recommended suffix would be indeed .DAT or .TXT, that allows you to easily open the file in a text editor, but if you give a fancy name like .IDOC it does not really make a difference, as long the receiving app understands it. Reading IDocs from a file is done via ABAP RSEINB00.

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