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Using remote function calls (RFC) for client copies

SAP Basis consultant, Bert Vanstechelman, encourages processing remote client copies using remote function calls (RFC).

I launched a client copy with scc8 and transported the orders generated by the system from PROD to DEV. Then I launched scc7 from the DEV environment. This process has been running for 9 hours displaying the message "Processing BSAS." Is this normal?

It all depends on the size of table BSAS. Although I have to admit 9 hours is a bit too much. What does the transport log file say? Are there any error messages coming from the database? Have a look in the database alert or user trace files. Are there any strange messages in the system log (transaction SM21)? Common errors are the archive of the redo logs being stuck or database free space issues.

Exporting and consequently importing clients is not the recommended way of doing remote client copies. You should copy the client using remote function calls (RFC). Have a look in transaction SCC9 and corresponding documentation for more information.

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