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Using multiple work processes in a client copy

M Farooq Ali details how to create a RFC group and a client copy in order to use multiple work processes in one local client copy.


Can I define multiple processes while doing a local client copy?
Thanks in advance for your kind help!

Yes, it is possible to use multiple work processes in a client copy. For this you need to create a RFC group through SM59. Please follow the steps below:

1) Creating an RFC Group
Go to SM59 → RFC → RFC Group (F6)
Click on Create Assignment and fill out the required information as below:
Server group RFC_GRP (can be any name of your choice)
Instance R3DECC_ECC_00 (instance name of your system)
Activated (0 or 1) 1
Max. Requests in Queue (%) 5
Max. No. Logins (%) 90
Max.No. Own Logins (%) 25
Max. No. Used WPs (%) 75
Min. No. of free WPs 1
Max. No. of Comm. Entries (%) 90
Max. wait time 15

The RFC Group shows here that 75% of work processes can be used in parallel. If your client is really large, it is recommended to increase the number of work processes before you start the client copy.

2) Performing a Client Copy
Go to SCCL and click on parameter for parallel processes.
Here you have to define the number of work processes and RFC group name that you have created.

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