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Using engineering experience to land an SAP job

I am a qualified engineer with nine and half years of experience in major companies Plant Engineering in a reputed MNC. I have some exposure to implementation of SAP R/3-Plant Maintenance Module (not hardcore) and worked as Functional Representative/Super user since it's implemented (i.e. around 3 years). I have been involved from the very beginning phase of implementation. I have a successful track record in the field of Engg projects as well as in the field of Plant Engg in designing and implementation of systems for preventive maintenance, spare parts planning inventory management, energy conservation, Cost control, TQC, TPM, Process re-engineering.
I have an excellent understanding of Manufacturing Process (PPc,MM.etc)
I want get into an SAP career. How should I start? I was working in a MNC left six months back and joined another Org. as Maintenance Manager, where I realized don't like to work in a shop floor environment and left. Since then I am applying for ERP jobs but not getting good response. I need your help badly. want to know how to start.

SAP is very hard to break into right now, so I sympathize with your situation. My advice is to approach the SAP market from a position of strength. That means getting back into your current line of work in shop floor/maintenance management. You have a better chance moving from one job to another than you do from being unemployed to being in SAP. Perhaps you can eventually find an SAP company that will hire you to work in their manufacturing department, which would give you a little exposure to SAP from the inside. From there, you might be able to get yourself a bit of SAP training that would help you expand your knowledge base and "make yourself useful" for any SAP opportunities that presented themselves. Whatever strategy you choose, be patient with yourself, it's a challenging market out there. Above all, keep yourself employed - from that vantage point you'll be able to be a lot more strategic. Look at SAP as a long-term goal, and don't worry if your short-term commitments take you in another direction. Right now, it's all about moving forward as best you can, and waiting for the right time to make your move. Take your time and acquire as much SAP knowledge and training as you can along the way.

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