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Using different operating systems and databases for SAP development and production systems

Bert Vanstechelman discusses whether the development and production systems can be on seperate OS/DB but still maintain an STMS connection.

Is it possible to have the development system on one OS/DB and your test and production systems on another? Does STMS still work between them?
SAP is database and operating system independent. Tools exist to migrate from one platform to the other. As long as you don't develop ABAP reports that make use of database specific functionality (with EXEC-SQL) you should be fine.

Although STMS will still work between the different systems, you might need to install additional software to share...

the transport directory (SAMBA, NFS clients …). Using different transport directories is possible. SAP will transfer the transport requests automatically using RFC connections if a common shared transport directory is not available. This option is only suitable if not many transports are to be transferred.

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