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Using bank chains in Accounts Payable

Does the SAP Accounts Payable program support the use of bank chains for electronic funds transfers? If so, where do I configure this or how do I set it up? Absolutely. SAP A/P supports the use of bank chains for electronic funds transfers (EFT). What you need to do is configure/activate the bank chain functionality in the system. This is done in the IMG on the Activate Bank Chain node (Financial Accounting > Bank Accounting > Activate Bank Chain), where you identify the desired scenario for Bank Chain Determination. Typically, the appropriate scenario to use is the Receiver Bank Oriented (0003) scenario, which means that bank chains are determined based on the recipient's bank account information. Once Bank Chains are activated you can create bank chains for A/P using the transaction code "FIBPU" or going to the menu path Accounting > Financial Accounting > Banks > Master Data > Bank Chains > Business Partner > Edit. Keep in mind that in order to create a bank chain the vendor must have bank account details in their master record. For more information on bank chains, see the SAP Library under FI-Financial Accounting > Bank Accounting > Bank Chains.

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