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Using SAP Solution Manager to manage scripts in SAP HR

SAP HR expert explains how to use SAP Solution Manager along with an eCATT testing tool to test scripts in SAP HR.

Where can I put the QA documentation and test scripts for testing a module in SAP HR (i.e., payroll run)?
SAP provides Solution Manager with the eCATT testing tool. To execute scripts from Solution Manager, create a "container", have SAP Basis establish RFCs to the applicable test environments, create the eCATT and upload to Solution Manager. The eCATT can be linked to a particular step in Solution Manager and executed across the SAP landscape, with the appropriate connections.

Alternatively, companies may use a number of external options including eRoom and Sharepoint as collaborative workspaces, which include templates, GANTT charts, shared calendars, notifications and instant messaging (IM).

This was last published in March 2010

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