Using SAP Smart Forms to change layout of Plant Maintenance

A reader is looking to change the layout of Plant Maintenance (PM) shop papers to account for goods issues using SAP Smart Forms, rather than SAPscript,

I need to change the layout of our Plant Maintenance (PM) so that the shop papers account for goods issues. Currently, this is done in SAPscript, but I would like to use Smart Forms instead. How do I tell my SAP system to execute the Smart Form and not the SAPscript? I looked at transaction OIDF but cannot see anything there.
You are correct -- there does not appear to be a standard "hook" for plugging in a Smart Form name. Some output configuration screens in SAP have not been rewritten yet to directly accommodate this. The workaround I have used in the past is to specify the name of the Smart Form in the SAPscript form field, and make sure that the corresponding print program looks in this field for it. Just make sure the Smart Form does not have a name too long to fit in this field.

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