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Using SAP OCX from 6.20 GUI

We are trying to use SAP OCX from 6.20 GUI. The application we are developing is written in C#. I have the following questions: 1. Is C# or any .NET language (VB.NET) supported for using OCX? 2. Is it only VB 6.0 supported? With option "1" above, we are able to connect to SAP and get some metadata of a BAPI. If this is supported I have a couple of questions, which I will ask in my later posting. If Option "2" above is the supported way, then I guess we have to make a DLL in VB 6.0 and use it in C# as COM complaint. For the above what are the pitfalls? Thanks for all your help!

Unfortunately, there seems to be an incompatibility issue in the OCX files with respect to .NET. The reason I have seen so far is, that the OCX DLL-Interface is not clean and is hence rejected by .NET. This immediately leads to the solution, that you already described. Put a wrapper around the OCX and then you can use it from .NET. Whether C# or VB does not make a big difference.

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