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Using SAP Java Connector

We attempted to establish real-time communication between SAP and a Oracle 8i database utilizing both SAP Java Connector product and the Oracle Java Virtual Machine. The intent was to use PL/SQL procedures and database triggers to initiate/execute the Java classes that will establish the connection and execute the remote function call.

The result was that we were unsuccessful. It appears that we were "missing" some DLL (dynamic link libraries) when we executing the classes. We believe that everything that SAP provided (through the Java Connector) was utilized.

Unfortunately, our attempts to reach a resolution at Oracle and SAP were futile. I would appreciate it very much if someone could provide some assistance.

Please make sure that you are using the latest (1.1) version of the SAP Java Connector (JCo). The JNI DLLs must now reside in the same directory as the jCO.jar file. If this does not help, I need more details about the exact error message.

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