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Using Oracle passwords with SAP

As our expert explains, using Oracle passwords to connect to SAP is not efficient. He suggests proper password etiquette.

Which SAP user communicates with Oracle internally? Does SAP use the password of ora<sid> or <sid>adm to communicate with Oracle?


During normal operation, SAP does not use the ora<sid> or <sid>adm user to connect to the database. All SAP tables are owned by the database user SAPR3 (or SAP<SID> as of SAP release 6.20). The password of this user is stored in the database table SAPUSER owned by <sid>adm.

At startup, SAP first connects as user <sid>adm to the database. It retrieves the password entry from the SAPUSER table and then re-connects using the SAPR3 user with the correct password. The password of user SAPR3 should therefore always be changed with SAPDBA or BRTOOLS instead of using the standard Oracle tools.

This setup is explained in detail in the Database Security for Oracle white paper which is available for download at the SAP Developer Network (http://sdn.sap.com).

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