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Using Infoset to join, move DSO analysis to InfoCube

An administrator wants is looking for the best way to join two tables in a DataStore object and transform the result to an InfoCube.

I have two tables, both of which are stored in a DataStore Object (DSO). I have a key ID, called policy ID, which is present in both tables. I used an Infoset to join the DSOs from both tables, hoping that this would perform a natural inner join, thus "adding" columns from one table to the other where the policy ID matches. I then want to send this joined table to an InfoCube.

The problem is that this action gives me various error messages such as "The parameter is not used" (for the currency keys needed in my InfoCube). Am I doing this correctly, or is there a better process?

If the requirement is to store the data in an InfoCube, then there is no need to create an Infoset. Data from the DSOs can be individually loaded into the InfoCube, and then you need to apply the ABAP routines to summarize this data based on the requirements. If the intention is to do reporting out of the Infoset, then you may create the Infoset, which will be a joining of the two DSOs.

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