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Using CATS for time entry and approval for managers and subordinates

Using CATS for time entry and approval for managers and subordinates? SAP HR expert Brian Stewart advises a user having difficulty with this.

We're using CATS for time entry and approval. I have created two roles -- one for entering time, and the other one for approving timesheets.

If I give a manager the time approval role, he (correctly) is able to approve employee time, without being able...

to update their timesheets. As soon as I give the manager the time entry profile, he can a) approve his own timesheet, and b) update subordinates' time

I suspect that I am using the wrong evaluation path in the structural authorization profile. (I'm using O-S-P, with the HR_GET_MANAGER_aSSIGNMENT function module) .

Is there an evaluation path that begins one level down from the manager's position?

I'm guessing that you have the manager as part of the org unit. That's the problem. You are telling the authorizations that it is OK to do everything in that org unit.

If you are comfortable with code, I would suggest taking a look at the BAdI HRBAS00_STRUAUTH. That should give you the ability to modify what you need.

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