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Using BEx Web Application Designer

Can you please tell me something about BEx Web Application Designer (WAD) and how to create Web application design? What are the steps for Web application design?
First you must create at least one (usually more) query definitions using the BEx Query Designer. These query templates act as objects that you can embed into a web page, using the Web application designer (WAD). The WAD is similar to graphical web page design programs like MS Frontpage or Macromedia Dreamweaver. You are given a series of standard BW objects to embed into a Web page, along with the capability to code your own HTML and add text, graphics, tables and custom formatting.

A way to learn about the BW objects that are available is to insert each one into a new Web template, assign your pre-built BEx query definition, and view the outcome in a Web browser. An excellent BW reporting user guide that covers the WAD is available at www.researchsummary.ca/bw.

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