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Using BAPI and RFC components made with Borland Delphi

I recently installed SAP GUI 6.20 along with the development kit that is shipped with the disk. It appears there is no activeX component for the SAP DCom or the component that will allow to make a local meta-data repository. The last version of SAP's Sdk (4.6D) that I developed with had both of these components.

The problems is, I have BAPI and RFC components developed with Borland's Delphi that require a local repository for them to be loaded and executed. With the new SDK features my components can be loaded and executed (using an old repository) but I need to update my repository to utilize any new BAPIs and RFCs.

Would you have any suggestions on how I can update my local repository? Or any suggestions on a new direction to pursue? My components did take a lot of the intense programming away from getting my apps out.

There are some components (including the SAP Assistant) that SAP has declared obsolete and hence does not ship anymore. Try using a third party metadata server instead.

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