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Using Authorware for SAP training

I am looking at Authorware to prepare asynchronous, interactive SAP training to a geographically diverse audience...

with mixed computer skills - no SAP knowledge. I have to be conservative with file size. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the question! This is going to be tough. You might want to think about augmenting your training with some type of live CBT, such as using Centra. This product allows you all to log into a internet location, and via the screen and a headphone follow along with a presentation and even open SAP and do hands on training.

Products like Authorware work well with simple, straightforward and repetitive tasks. For example, if you are going to be creating 3 types of Pos with essentially the same information being populated it can teach a person how to do it. But if you are trying to work with more complex tasks like Production Planning and PI sheets, you're going to have trouble keeping your file sizes small since there are so many decision points.

In my experience, this type of training - using macros and canned files - works great for upgrades or new Releases to teach deltas in functionality. But it's success can be limited in training new SAP users, especially those with limited computer skills as a prerequisite since you need to teach them those skills first.

SAP is a complicated system and it is more costly to retrain then to train them correctly the first time.

This was last published in May 2002

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