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User query with custom ABAP

I have just picked up a user query/problem with a custom ABAP (on 3.1H) which does product costing calculations. On checking the program, it uses the function CS_BOM_EXPLOSION_MAT. The text header for the function says: "BOM explosion (old version); as of 3.0, use CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2". I have used V2 in other programs. The problem reported by the user is that quantity-per information for phantom sub-assemblies is not being passed downthe structure. My query: Can I check anywhere to find the differences between the 2 explosion functions?

I'd assume that SAP took the decision to write the new function module rather than continue to enhance and fix them old one. Given that these function modules skip about all over the place calling other function modules and forms, short of sitting down with complete printouts, I don't know of any palce to find the differences.

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