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User exit to include a BADI to prompt for a reason code

Axel Angeli advises on how to find user exits for a reader who wants to include a BADI in VL02N to prompt a user for a reason code.

I have to include a BADI in VL02N to prompt the user for a reason code; any idea which user exit would be the right one?
Generally the easiest way to find user exits in SAP programs (in your case: all programs SAPMV50*, SAPLV50* are possibly involved) is to search globally for "userexit", "user-exit", "customer-function" (for CMOD exits) or "exithandler" (for BADIs). This will find you the places where the exits are implemented in the code and you can decide if the position is fine for you.

But BADIs are not really the place to ask for additional user input. Traditionally you would have to add the field as a modification to one screen. If you cannot decide for a modification you can block shipment and set up a workflow that sends a mail to the user and only when the value is provided you unblock the shipment.

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