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User admin and authorization

User admin and authorization used to be easy in the old days. We defined roles with authorization in R/3 DEV and C&T to R/3 PRO. When Workplace added to our system landscape, user admin and authorization became very difficult. Should we use CUA? Which should be the "central system" in CUA environment, R/3 DEV, R/3 PRO or Workplace? Where to add a user? Where to do the authorization?

A lot of this is personal preference, but in my experience... It is better to have one CUA setup for non-production clients and instances, and another for production. I would set up CUA to run out of WP controlling production (however in my experience it works best if CUA can have its own client for administration). For Non-Production: I would setup up a client "001" on your Dev box to control all of the other non-production clients. CUA is a great tool, I have implemented it twice, over multiple landscapes and versions. But, it does complicate things. Just wait till you have to do a client copy...

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