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User access to running BEX queries

In SAP BW 3.0B I am using an Infocube with 3 characteristics and 2 key figures. When I create the profile for a user in order to restrict his access to certain values of one characteristic (Business Organization) for running BEX Queries, BW aborts the execution of the query sending the message: "You do not have enough privileges for the Authorization Object". The configuration of the Authorization Object is:

Info Object Value
- Business Org: ALPHA
- Business Area: *
- Cost Center: *

If I change the value of Business Org to * the query works showing all the values. But if I tried to restrict any of the values for the Info object, the authorization fails. Any suggestions?

Tough one. I have seen this a few times, but it always seems to be a function of inadequate data in the cube itself. I would recheck the data in the cube to ensure that the value you are checking against exists. I am assuming that you have already tried the BW authorization trace functionality to determine if there is an authorization check that you missed.

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