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Use of Smart Forms in release 4.6B

I want take all functionality of Smart Forms in release 4.6B. Is it possible with a package or something?

I am posed this question quite often.

Here is the official answer from SAP (available in the SAP service marketplace Smart Forms FAQ):

"SAP Smart Forms is available as of R/3 Basis Release 4.6C. It is not possible to use it in Basis Releases before 4.6C since it uses SAP kernel technologies which do not exist in earlier releases. Even if you deploy the appropriate kernel in a, say, 4.6B system it is definitely not possible to use Smart Forms because its tools were still under development by that time."

Bottom line: You may be able to access the main screen in 4.6B, but you probably won't be able to get much further than that.

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no retrofit option offered or planned by SAP to allow Smart Forms to work in 4.6B.

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