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Use ALE/EDI to create a PO automatically after saving a sales order

I need to create an automatic Purchase Order (in a different company code) when I save the sales order. I hear...

that it can be done using ORDRSP using EDI. Both company codes are on the same server. We want to reduce data entry redundancy by automatically creating the PO.

I am basically an SD consultant with no prior experience in ALE/EDI, though I am aware of how it works. Can you provide me a how-to guide to initially set up the system to use ALE/EDI and then create the PO automatically after saving the SO?

The best practice would be set up a workflow event that is consumed by PUR_ORDER_CREATE_VIA_SD_EVENT . The function is linked to SD event BUS2032 ALECREATED in transaction SWETYPV. The entry should be there by standard. You only have to tick the activation flag. For a detailed background, take a look at my "IBM Redbook" that is reviewed on .

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